#1 Best Psychic's of NJ

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  The Psychic Place Readings by Jessica 

Many bright universal blessings, we welcome you! 
Relax and allow the white light and peace to surround you while you are on our offical website.
The Psychic Place readings by Jessica has been an Established business for over 20 years.
Our psychics at the Psychic Place readings by Jessica are very honest sincere and compassionate to all situations. 
We help in life situations such as:

- Love 
- Career 
- Marriage
 - Addictions
- pain
- Emotional Disorders
- Crisis
- Abuse
- Young Adult Situations 

No situation is to big or to small we cannot Handle.
You may have visit our site for some help on Clarity,Healing,Resolution or Confirmation.
Please be open and honest with us and be prepared for the truth.
Us psychics are all licenses. 
 CGK in Spirituality, PhD. Clairvoyant 
TM Certified Tarot and Crystal Healer
Spirit Led Mediumship
Certified THETA Aura,Chakra 

In Certain situations it's not so clear for you but allowing us to help will not only help yourself but the people around you also. We uphold ,Masters of divinity, Life coaching ,giving lectures ,seminars and have earned the right to speak on these topics. God Bless you on your journey to success.