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Palm Reading  

This popular readings tell's you the basics of your Love life, Health, Career and fate. If you just want to know the basics we recommend you to get this reading.  

Tarot Card Reading 

Since the Ancient times psychics have been using tarot cards to look into the Past , Present and Future. If you are looking for some details in your life regarding Love,Career,Health,happiness etc we recommend you this Reading.

Energy Reading

This intense reading is more for people who are looking for deep, detailed information on a certain someone or something.  By picking up your energy we could pick up on information such as Names , Dates and times , etc. If you're looking for deep insight and need some clarity on a certain situation then this would be the best reading for you.


"I was having a Hard time at my Job and needed some kinda advice to get me out of this funk and the lady that did my reading gave me some good advice on what to do. I'm happy to say it worked. Thank you so much"      - Aabha Verma 

"Wonderful! Absolutely outstanding! On point with my reading and gave me a lot of clarity on my situation with my love life.  Thank you so much I'm so happy I found you guys''     - Donna Hoffman

"It's very hard these days to find a Real psychic but I could honestly say they where amazing. My psychic was so on point and after meeting these ladies I could honestly believe psychics are real" 

- Roger Burd